Josh Chernoff
Full Stack Developer / Interactive Designer


I’m a full stack web developer who has been working on websites since early 2005. I started in flash and moved into ruby on rails in late 2011. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of working with amazing developers and designers. Through their mentorship, I’ve obtained invaluable practices and exemplary standards. I have a good understanding of Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming and backend frameworks that I support with a well rounded understanding of front end frameworks and standards. In short, if you need someone who can chop up a psd and ssh into your server to configure it, I would love to talk with you.

  • Ruby
  • Elixir
  • PHP
  • JS ES5
  • JS ES6
  • Coffee Script ( JS )
  • AS3 ( Adobe Action Script )
  • Python
  • Postgresql
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Flash
  • Blender 3d
  • Abelton Live 8
  • Sass ( CSS )
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Bootstrap / Foundation
Crowd Compass. Portland, OR
Server Developer II

Every 3 weeks I begin a sprint with a team of other server developers, quality engineers, and a product manager. We follow scrum and agile practices to point stories then select which stories we will commit to doing for the rest of the sprint. Based on our velocity we commit to completing N number of stories of which we individually delegate from a priority ordered list. From there I mostly work alone completing the acceptance criteria of the given story I’m working on. Once the work is ready for a pull request and peer approval by the rest of my team I will push a branch to one of our 18 ruby on rails application repositories. Given I have written sufficient specs and refactor based on peer review I then will deploy the code changes via a Jenkins server to our qa server for review by our team’s Quality Engineer.

If any development bugs are found while the QE is asserting the acceptance criteria, they will then file a bug. Once all the stories and feature work tickets have been completed I will then take the task of addressing the current sprint development bugs and any bugs just found in the wild. Once the end of sprint draws near I will spend the rest of that time reviewing upcoming stories and help with any certification issues. From there the team will hold a retrospective to reflect on what was good or bad and what can be done to learn from the last sprint.

CrowdCompass is a creator of mobile event apps for conferences who may have as many as tens of thousands of attendees. There are 18 main rails applications that power the the APIs used by the mobile apps. The stack is Ruby and Postgres and we have our own home rolled PubSub for syncing messages across apps.

I have watched crowdcompass rapidly grow over the last 3 years and later seen the parent company Cvent get acquired by Vista equity partners. Currently I will have been their most senior developer by hire date of the 21st of February 2017. This means I’ve seen a lot of my good friends move on. I’ve had a great time growing and learning but I think it’s also my time to move on too.

The Able Few. St.Louis MO
JR Ruby Developer

As a jr ruby developer, I built many sites for clients using ruby on rails. I also spent a fair amount of time working on front end styling and UX.

An example of one of the many sites I developed as an employee of the Able Few is

Intel Nuc - Freelance Design / Developer

Completely inspired by the Mac Pro website were scrolling the site deconstructs the hardware. I was hired as a JS developer to create something similar to that effect. Beyond the interactive elements this site is completely static.


whatayanuts - Freelance Design / Developer
JS / PHP / Wordpress

With flash falling out of favor in 2010 this was my first interactive website where I decided to use JavaScript exclusively. This website was also my first attempt at making a fully responsive website even though the contractor did not provide responsive designs.
 Using wordpress and JQuery I was able to turn PSDs into a fully functioning interactive website within about a weeks time even though I was the only developer on the project.


Energizer - Matchbox design
Flash / PHP

Check your battery was an interactive fire escape planning tool that energizer used to promote their batteries. The goal of the website was to allow you to drawl a fire escape route of your home with the aid of interactive tools. Many other promotional contracts followed this with energizer such as “komen’s race for the cure” interactive Facebook ads.

Shop Matel - Freelance Design / Developer

The Christmas of 2009 I was fortunate enough to be able to create the landing pages for mattel’s shopping site. Working on the interactive elements for Barbie, hot wheels, Disney and mattel’s board games felt like a very high point in my flash career. But sadly this type of work was short lived as flash's popularity fell dramatically with the push off the cliff from Apple and iPhone and 2010.

Matel Freelance Design / Developer

Cook or be cooked was a real-time cooking game for the Nintendo Wii developed by the food network. This was one of the only completely full flash websites I had ever created. It presented challenges that I had never anticipated having to deal with before. I learned new concepts such as deep linking that allowed you to use URLs to navigate with in a flash application. This was also the first time I really started to take notice of design patterns such as mvc.
 Sadly watching food cook in real time as a videogame was apparently not as fun as the food network had hoped, who knew?

Hallmark Park - Freelance Design / Developer

This project was possibly the one that really created the most potential for me to continue to grow in my flash career. Hallmark park was a mass multiplayer online game where kids could play multiple mini games within a larger game. The online game leveraged technologies such as a flash media server for real-time interactivity. This was also the first time I had the opportunity to work on with large team of developers.

City Of Stevenson, WA - Freelance Design / Developer

I start my humble career in flash making an interactive map for the chamber of e-commerce in the small town of Stevenson Washington

Adobe Certified Web Master
In addition to being certified I was also sponsored to run the Adobe user group for AS3 out of St. Louis Missouri.
Portland Community College
Some college
Portland Community College
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